The View From Here: June

June has left me feeling a bit more tired than normal. It’s not from the (extremely) hot weather, although that probably factored into the equation some. No, it was this little guy.

View From Here_June

Yep, this little man has decided to go straight from nothing to standing up, skipping the crawling phase entirely. Almost as soon as he started crawling, he started climbing. And oh my…when he’s awake, it seems like he’s non-stop, always on the move. Which means I have to be on the move. And put other things on hold. And then the other things begin piling up…and piling up…

View From Here_June 2

But I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

And this kitchen-friend has been more exhausted this month too. Between all the coconut milk and gobs of cold smoothies and drinks I’ve been making (like this one and this one), it hasn’t really gotten a chance to slow down.

View From Here_June 3

One other noteworthy item for June is the Savor the Taste of Summer Blogger Challenge and Giveaway that I’m participating in. The purpose of the challenge is for bloggers to display their best summer-food recipes, tips, and articles, and then for readers to vote on their favorite. I felt like this was a really beneficial event in a few ways: 1) It’s nice to find new ways to use seasonal food; 2) I enjoyed discovering and viewing the blogs of the other participants; and 3) There is a pretty sweet giveaway for you guys (and all you have to do is vote for your favorite to be entered into the drawing). So if you haven’t already, check it out. It’s still live until July 4th.

Savor_the_Taste_of_Summer-2 copy


Favorite New Recipe: I have two of them to share this month. The first is this Chop and Drop Roasted Veggies and Sausage from “Paleo Newbie.” It is such a delicious and easy meal to put together and I love how versatile it is. I’ve fixed it a few times this month already and haven’t fixed it the same way twice (substituting and adjusting based on what I have on-hand). It’s a win at our house. And the second are these N’oatmeal Creme Pies from “He won’t know it’s paleo.” They. are. AMAZING. But not just because they taste wonderful (I assure you, they do), but they are also AIP friendly (AIP is an elimination diet geared toward those with various autoimmune diseases—check out this link for more information.) They are free of grain, nuts, dairy, eggs and soy. AND they are good.

Frugal Change: Purchasing a water filter. This is actually something we did a few months ago, but it’s still helping us save money now. The initial investment was a little tough, but the money that it saves over time is really worth it. I use it in cooking, cleaning produce, and some drinking (I struggle with the taste some so I still do the fill-up jugs of reverse-osmosis water from the store. I’m hoping to get a Berkey filter for our drinking water—but that’s a post for another day.) Overall, this is still a money-saver.

How has your month been?


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