Welcome. My name is Sara and I’m glad you’re here. I started this blog as a way to share what I have learned and am still learning about real, nutritious food (especially for a down-to-earth budget), special diets, food allergies/sensitivities, holistic healthcare, kitchen organization, storage, cleaning, and all things homemaking. I’m very thankful for the wealth of information that already exists on these topics—all the blogs, books, research, and resources. These were a lifeline for me as I started this healing journey (see below). I hope that, in turn, I can encourage and help others by sharing my story and passing on this valuable information.

My Journey: How I got where I am now

“You cannot be serious. Seriously…you just can’t be serious.” These thoughts (or something very similar) were going through my head. My doctor had just suggested that I remove gluten, dairy, and a few other foods that I tested sensitive  for from my diet. “Really? What do you eat?” I was not happy about this to say the least.

It all started in January of 2010. I began having some very strange symptoms. Hand swelling, tingling and numbness in my hands and feet—these were just a few of the oddities that would begin to haunt me…pretty unusual and completely unexpected for a fairly healthy young adult. The doctor ran multiple tests, checking for all kinds of things, but nothing came up. In one sense, this was a relief. But I still had no explanation or solution for what was happening to me.

At this point, my doctor thought it best to check for food sensitivities (“What?” I was thinking. “That makes no sense.”) “Ok, sure,” was my outward response. But when the test came back, I was devastated to find that I had sensitivities to several foods. I was determined though that this wasn’t it. This couldn’t be at the bottom of all the craziness that kept happening to my body. And I decided to eliminate those foods for a few days to prove that it wasn’t it.

Well, as you probably guessed, it just proved that it did help, which devastated me even more. I didn’t know how I was going to live on a long-term basis without gluten and dairy. And even worse—would it be forever?

So I began researching. I found tons of blogs, recipes, diets…I was amazed. I spent the entire year radically changing my diet and learning as much as I could. I did feel better, but this wasn’t the complete answer for my particular ailments. I spent the next year continuing on healing diets, trying different supplements and consulting different doctors (both conventional and holistic). But at the end of 2011, I hit a really bad place. Despite my efforts with diet and supplements (which were becoming fanatical—I wanted so badly to find the missing piece and was so frustrated by “not knowing”), I was really sick. In January of 2012, my family and I decided it was best that I go to one of the leading hospitals in the  United States to see if any answers could be found.

So I was tested, and prodded, and tested some more…but still nothing. Again, I was thankful for what it wasn’t, but also greatly disturbed that I still had no answers.

Shortly after this, I began seeing a chiropractor who practiced homeopathy and applied kinesiology. I wasn’t too hopeful, because I had tried everything at this point. I had somewhat resigned myself to my condition and figured I wouldn’t be able to fully recover. But to my surprise, I began to feel a bit better. It didn’t happen overnight, but gradually, I started regaining my health. By getting the prescribed supplements, completing NAET treatments, and continuing on a real-food diet (and still eliminating certain foods), I began feeling better than I had in a long time.

I wouldn’t say that I am “back to normal,” but I am on the road to recovery. Although it’s been a long, tough road (and it’s still not over), I’m thankful to God for what I’ve learned and how He has made me stronger through it.


My husband Josh and I live in Middle Tennessee with our beautiful son, Josiah. I’m a stay-at-home mom and love every minute of it! I’m continually seeking ways to eat nourishing foods as frugally as possible and manage our home more efficiently.


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    • Thank you! I really appreciate the recipes and information you provide for the AIP protocol. I’m considering this diet for myself, and finding resources to help is truly valuable!

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